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oil testing

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Oil Testing

Oil Burn System

Techenomics International has provided a design to a multinational shipbuilding yard in Asia that will save millions of dollars. The program entails filtering the waste oil generated from the equipment and placing used oil into a storage tanks, this will be passed through a fine filtration system allowing this to be dosed with the main fuel storage tank to be burnt through the normal combustion process in the engines. The waste oil is finely filtered as to not block engine injectors.

The system is designed to reduce waste oil from site and reduce fuel consumption, this can save companies millions on fuel costs, waste oil removal and eventually lowering the time required for ongoing maintenance.

This program requires highly trained field staff that can not only handle field work but also provide onsite oil analysis reports to the client. Techenomics field staff will obtain samples from the waste oil and monitor the cleanliness, water and viscosity to ensure that the waste oil is kept to a peak performance for the mixing ratio,

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highlight.gif  Foam Testing of Hydraulic Oil
Techenomics International’s laboratories analyse hydraulic oils by ASTM D892, this is a method of quantifying foaming characteristics of lubricating oils. Foaming is a common problem in hydraulic systems and splash lubrication applications, in severe cases; the foam can leak out of the machine through breathers and dipsticks. Fluids with foaming problems have a reduced cooling capacity which may contribute to overheating issues and accelerate oil degradation. The presence of foam in the fluid can lead to excessive oxidation and cavitation, the reduction of lubricating properties of the oil and performance of hydraulic systems. Foam tendency and foam stability can both be measured via ASTM D892, Foam tendency describes the amount of foam generated immediately after the fluid is aerated, the foam stability quantifies the amount of foam remaining 10 minutes after stopping of aeration.
highlight.gif  Oil Test Equipment
Transpower Switchgear Industries - One of the popular manufacturing, supplying & exporting of industrial control transformers, electrical insulation, street light poles, power distribution transformers, cable joint kit, electrical fire extinguisher etc.
highlight.gif  Loring Laboratories
Geochemical testing, analytical testing for oil, gas, coal, coalbed methane, diamond indicator mineral analysis, Umpire analysis, hard rock analysis, recyclable mineral analysis, inductive couple plasma analysis, rare earth elements testing, humic acid testing for exploration and mining companies.
Manufacturer of synthetic oil, premium synthetic lubricants, synthetic motor oil, synthetic engine oil, gear lube, gear oil, greases, compressor oil, oil and air filters, synthetic diesel oil. Online store for home delivery.
A1 envirotech
View our complete product porfolio including instruments for Karl Fischer Titration, Total Organic Carbon Analysers, Elemental Analysis and Laboratory Automation.The OA-1000 Acidity in Oil kit eliminates traditional titration methods and gives you the very best in Accuracy, Ease-of-use and Information.
Testing kits for cooking oil - technical details about what they actually measure and the concentration of fatty acids indicated. Recommendations for food industry usage.
Manufacturer of synthetic oil, premium synthetic lubricants, synthetic motor oil, synthetic engine oil, gear lube, gear oil, greases, compressor oil, oil and air filters, synthetic diesel oil. Online store for home delivery.
Andax Industries
Oil Testing Kits : Andax Industries
Oil Testing
APM provides laboratory services for physical properties of oil, chemical analysis of oil, and oil material certification provides A2LA accredited (ISO 17025) laboratory services for physical properties of oil, chemical analysis of oil, and oil material certification. In addition to oil testing, our laboratory also does plastic testing, metal testing, rubber testing, paint testing, plating testing, adhesive testing, circuit board testing, and other testing.
Quench Oil Testing
Our Company, Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation, has a blending and testing facility located at the southern tip of Indiana. Our Manufacturing facility is ISO/QS9000 certified. We provide top quality lubricants as well as top quality testing.
Tank testing
Tank testing by ATS Environmental for residential commercial underground tank testing soil testing geoprobe services gas station testing experts serving nj ny new jersey new york pennsylvania pa delaware and massachusetts de and ma ATS Environmental Advanced Tank Services performs underground storage tank as well as heating oil tank inspection geoprobe leak detection vapor recovery soil testing abandoned tank inspection commercial oil tank testing gasoline service station testing experts.
The Electric Energy Society of Australia
EESA is a national society established to advance interests in electric energy. It is a Technical Society of Engineers Australia. The key objective of EESA is to provide a continuous professional development program to members of the Society who have an interest in the field of electric energy.
Oil Test Centrifuge
Manufacturer & Exporter of Centrifuge, Clinical Laboratory Lab Centrifuge, Refrigerated Benchtop, Table Top, Bench Top Centrifuges, Medical Bucket & Ultra Oil Test Centrifuges, High Volume Blood Bank, High & Low Speed Micro Centrifuge, General Purpose Centrifuges for Research Laboratories, Buy Ice Centrifuge Machine, Machines, Mumbai, India
Lube oil testing rig, india, lube oil test rig, manufacturer, lube oil rigs, lube oil test rigs manufacturer, lube oil filter rigs from India. These test rigs are tailor made by Filtration Technology, manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of quality assured filter testing equipment, to suit customer specific requirements.
Importer and Supplier of Oil Test Set, Automotion Test Set, Oil Testing Kit and Motor Operated Oil Testing Kit offered by Global Instruments, Delhi, Delhi, India. We are instrumental in offering a quality assured range of Oil Test Set, which are manufactured as per set industrial standards. Further, these equipments are highly appreciated for accurate measurement and longer functional life. Also, this equipment finds extensive usage in electrical & electronic industry and are available in various sets. Additionally, our clients can avail these equipments in various technical specifications at highly affordable prices.
Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd, UK, manufactures and supplies standard and bespoke temperature-controlled laboratory equipment for incubating, shaking and mixing samples, and Squirrel portable data loggers for recording physical parameters.
Groz Beckert
Needle oil analysis for knitting machine needles by Groz-Beckert is performed on a manufacturer-neutral basis and provides an indication to the customer of whether the needle oil he uses is the right one for his specific knitting process. To do this, Groz-Beckert analyses and compares the customer’s specific oil data with that stored in the Groz-Beckert’s needle oil database, which lists the world’s most commonly used needle oil types.
Hartford Steam Boiler - Transformer Oil Testing
Transformers are found in virtually every building, industry and institution. Sudden unexpected transformer breakdown can cause costly physical damage, electrical outages, business interruptions or fire. Some transformers are fluid-filled with various types of insulating fluids like mineral oil, silicone, natural ester or chlorinated fluid types. Analysis of the insulating fluid used in most transformers is an effective means to detect conditions that indicate the unit needs to be serviced before loss occurs.
HV Diagnostics
HV Diagnostics Inc. based in Atlanta, GA, USA provides the electrical industry with field proven, sophisticated and reliable electrical test equipment including High Voltage DC & VLF (Very Low Frequency), Fully Automatic Oil Testers, Cable Testing and Diagnostic Systems, Relay Testing and Current Injection systems etc.
BAUR ITS Oil Testing Software
HV TECHNOLOGIES’ testing and measurement solutions provide information that will increase the reliability of equipment for, or connected to electrical networks and systems. Using our EMC and HV Test Solutions allows for accurate compliance assessment of designs, while determining faults as precisely and quickly as possible. HVT solutions are not based on a single technology, but focused on capabilities and functionalities.
Quench Oil Testing
Our Company, Idemitsu Lubricants America Corporation, has a blending and testing facility located at the southern tip of Indiana. Our Manufacturing facility is ISO/QS9000 certified. We provide top quality lubricants as well as top quality testing. Our Lab is supplied with state of the art testing equipment and is now offering Quench Oil Testing Services for companies that use Quench or Heat Treating oils. Our testing procedure for quench oil is the JIS-K-2242 method. Our Quenchometer uses silver tip probes to measure time-temperature relations of the oil.
Waste Oil Testing
Energy Testing Laboratory. Biodiesel, Biogas, Ethanol, Waste Oil, Diesel, Coal, Biomass and other energy testing services.
Oil Testing Instruments manufacturers - A Popular Science Apparatus Workshops exporters, suppliers of Flash Point Apparatus india, indian Oil Testing Instruments, Oil Testing Apparatus manufacturer, wholesale Flash Point Apparatus suppliers, Oil Testing Instruments, Flash Point Apparatus, Oil Testing Apparatus
Microbac - fuel testing, oil testing, jet fuel, jet testing, petro testing, petroleum testing, oil tankers, oil imports. Microbac brings over three decades of experience in providing an array of solutions to customers with fuel-related testing and analysis needs. Dedication to on-call, immediate analyses of fuel products, Microbac is committed to exceeding each customer's service expectations.
Mooring Systems Ltd
Mooring Systems offers a single point of supply for the equipment, engineering skills and expertise needed by oil and gas operators conducting extended well testing (EWT) in heavy oil fields. In addition to comprehensive equipment supply, our partners include independent engineering design and analysis consultancy RiserTec and construction specialist Rig Engineering, enabling us to supply a complete heavy oil EWT solution.
Oil analysis and used engine oil testing
Used oil analysis for oil condition monitoring purposes, engine oil testing, gear box and hydraulic. Oil condition monitoring is all about gaining an insight into what is happening inside your machine, be it the engine, gearbox or hydraulic system.
Engine Oil Testing
Oil Check Ltd provides oil analysis, diesel fuel filtration and engine oil testing kits for oil Condition Monitoring Programmes. A full range of oil analysis and testing methods are available for all kinds of industries and equipment including but not limited to, mining equipment, DMU's and Loco's, construction plant machinery and marine equipment. OCLS, also supply fuel filtration machinery, oil analysis kits and fluid conditioning products for any oil condition monitoring or predictive maintenance solutions.
Goughs Fluid Analysis Centre
At the Oil Lab we detect metal particles, chemicals and foreign matter in the fluids of your machinery. We then translate our findings into machine performance facts
Oil Testers&Oil Analyzers
Oil suffers from electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer is in operation. In addition there are contaminations caused due to chemical interactions with windings and other solid insulations, catalyzed by high operating temperature. As a resul
Oil Testing Machine
Analysts Inc. sells oil testing services all over the world. The machines used to provide this service were originally designed and made in the 1990's. However the analysis requirements had increased over the prior decade, and new machines were required to meet more demanding specifications.
Oil Testing
Sandy Brae Laboratories. Services offered: Oil Analysis by Filter Patch Test; Water Content; Viscosity; Water Test Kit; Field Test Equipment consisting of Visgauge, Oil Sampling Pump,Dye and Defoamants, Calcium Hydride, Reagent A, Reagent B.
Oil tank removal
Providing home heating oil tank removal, oil tanks decommissioning, soil testing, oil tank replacement, oil tank installations, underground heating oil tank location, soil sample. And by teaming with Seattle Tank Services, we’ll assist you with possible insurance coverage for the cost of contaminated soil remediation cleanups including Homeowners Insurance and The Washington State Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA).
Oil testing
The questions often arise,: what are Furans, and is Furan testing beneficial to my existing preventive maintenance plans?” The solid insulation of a power transformer consists basically of paper in the form of sheets, tapes and other pressed shapes, Heat, moisture and oxygen primarily cause degradation (aging) of cellulose insulation, which adversely affects the life if the paper. Degradation of this paper causes it to lose its tensile strength and results in the release of furans. The main goal of furan testing is to determine whether the paper in a given transformer has been or is being damaged by heat. Furans produced from temperature buildups are generated in two ways; the first being a localized area of high heat and paper damage, and the second being the general overall heating of the entire transformer. Early detection of paper insulation breakdown can prevent major damage of failure to you power transformer.
Oil Testing Instruments - We are exporter and trader of oil testing instruments like oil testing instruments since 1980 across Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, Middle East - Swastik Scientific Company, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Indiamart. Our organization is involved in supplying a wide range of Oil Testing Instrument These oil testing instruments provide authentic & unbiased results at the time of using for testing as well as analyzing the purity of oil. Owing to excellent performance and high accuracy, these are highly demanded for oil testing.
Transformer Oil Testing Laboratory, Transformer Oil Testing, Transformer Oil Analysis, NABL Accredited Laboratory, India. Oil and other insulating liquids suffer from electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer is in operation. In addition there are contaminations caused due to chemical interactions with windings and other solid insulations, catalyzed by high operating temperature. As a result the original chemical properties of Transformer Oil changes gradually, rendering it ineffective for its intended purpose after many years. Hence this oil has to be periodically tested to ascertain its basic electrical properties, and make sure it is suitable for further use or initiate necessary actions like filtration/regeneration.
Timberleaf Soil Testing
Timberleaf Soil Testing. If you are wondering why your garden crops haven’t been quite up to par or are just wanting to get this year’s garden off to a good start, then a great place to begin is with a reliable soil test
Consumer Reports Oil Testing Results
Consumer Reports Magazine's Oil Testing Results. Consumer Reports, with one of the most widely respected product testing laboratories in the world has just released the results of an extensive test on oil brands and oil changes, as well as other issues regarding car care. In the process, the test demolished much of the conventional wisdom regarding car lubrication. The two most surprising results: the frequency with which oil is changed doesn't matter after the first few oil changes on a new engine, and the type or brand of oil used can not be shown to make any difference.
Lube oil testing follows industry standard or in-house tests whereby engines are prepared and operated to published procedures.For industry standard CEC and ASTM lube oil tests AVL can offer complete solutions comprising engines prepared for test, inclusive with Test Systems (AVL Instrumentation and Test System) and Supporting Services. In order to support Customer in-house tests the comprehensive AVL portfolio of products is available.
Oil Testing Program
ABS Consulting maritime Oil Testing Program analyzes and manages ship fuel and lube oil supplies. ABS Consulting provides prompt, professional and accurate services to shipowners and operators for the analysis and management of their fuel and lube oil supplies. Our comprehensive OTP helps you monitor deliveries, pre-test supplies and confirm quantities received. The program provides a detailed analysis of the fuel delivered to promote efficient operations, reducing the potential for disputes.
Petroleum Testing Equipments
ETS Intarlaken Technologies - Manufacturers of petroleum testing equipments, oil testing equipments, petroleum testing machines, oil testing machines, petroleum hydrometer, petroleum testing equipment manufacturer, petroleum testing hydrometer, abel flash point apparatus, redwood viscometer, adiabatic bomb calorimeter, astm color comparator, ramsbottom carbon residule apparatus, bomb calorimeter, rolling stability apparatus, karl fisher apparatus, pensky martens flash point apparatus, oxidation test of lubrication oil,India.
Crude Oil Testing
Intertek offers analytical testing for the full range of crude oil, petroleum and other hydrocarbons and refined products. Intertek laboratories provide independent testing of crude oil and petroleum for physical properties, chemical properties and quality. The crude oil test data is used to value crude oil in commercial transactions and determine optimal feedstock choices for refineries.
Lube Oil Sales
Amsoil Motor Oil compares against other conventional and synthetic oils. AMSOIL outperforms all of the leading brands. The discount price is 20-30% and up to 40% less than regular retail prices when you become a preferred customer or Amsoil Dealer.
Morgan Schaffer
Morgan Schaffer - Transformer Monitoring and Oil Analysis. For over 40 years, Morgan Schaffer has been providing the electrical industry with world class oil analysis services. Our ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory is considered by experts as the reference in the industry.
Fuel Oil Testing for Trace Metals and Sulfur Content. In partnership with major fuel distributors in the northeast, NESCAUM is performing a study funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to determine trace metal and sulfur content of fuels used in the Northeast. The initial idea grew from current state emission inventories that suggest the combustion of heating oil is a significant source of mercury air emissions in New York and other northeastern states. The heavy metals nickel and vanadium are also present in relatively high concentrations in distillate fuels. Emission inventory estimates for distillate fuel, however, are based on limited data and are considered highly uncertain
Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers
Kaizen Imperial- laboratory instruments manufacturers, biotech instruments, oil testing instruments, oil measuring instruments, medical surgical equipments, laboratory glassware suppliers, material soil testing instruments, laboratory instruments India, biotech instruments suppliers, oil testing measuring instruments, medical surgical equipment India, laboratory glassware manufacturers, laboratory instrument suppliers.
Motor Oil Test for Filter and Engine Oil
Motor Oil Test for Filter and Engine Oil from Entertainment Magazine
SD Myers
SD Myers' Transformer Maintenance Institute provides the knowledge to keep your power reliable by developing competent, confident and reliable people in your organization.
B2hv high voltage cable testing & diagnostics
Use b2 high voltage technology! VLF cable testing, cable diagnostics tan delta measurement and partial discharge measurement, oil testing. Welcome to b2hv – Manufacturer of world class practically oriented high voltage test equipment for simple cable testing & diagnostics and on site oil testing. b2 high voltage technology is a benchmark worldwide for innovation, low weight, compact dimensions and usability. Solutions by b2hv have proven themselves with energy suppliers all over the world.
Hindustan Apparatus Mfg. Company
Manufacturer and Exporter of New Item, Laboratory Instrument and Oil & Petroleum Testing Instrument. Hindustan Apparatus Mfg. Company also provides Laboratory/Industrial/Quartz and Silica Glasswares and ASTM / IP Thermometer.
CRL Energy Oil and Fuel Services
CRL Energy has applied its research, testing and project management skills to provide a unique combination of environmental, geological, and chemical services. Clients come from industry, local bodies and government.
Supplier and Manufacturer of Oil & Petroleum Testing instruments, Pensky Martin Flash Point Apparatus, Kinematic Viscometer Bath, Redwood Viscometer, Abel's Flash Point Apparatus and Saybolt Viscometer offered by Advanced Technocracy Inc., Ambala, Haryana, India. We are indulged in providing of oil and petroleum testing instruments. all our instruments are reliable and durable. We offer Pensky Martin appratur, redwood viscometer, kinematic viscoeter battery. All these instruments are offered at market leading rates.
LONDON -(Dow Jones)- Quality and safety services company Intertek Group PLC (ITRK.LN) Wednesday said it has acquired an oil inspection and testing company in France for EUR7.6 million in cash, as it looks to expand its share of the French market.
GranTierra energy inc.
Gran Tierra Energy was formed in 2005 to capitalize on the expertise, experience and strategic relationships of the management team to build substantial value and a record of success in South America. Our mission is to create value, sensibly and aggressively, in oil & gas exploration and development.
Energy Mnagament and Testing Services
Complete Electrical Power System Maintenance & Repair • Infrared Thermography • Breaker/Relay Retrofits,Testing & Upgrades • Start-up/Commissioning/Acceptance Testing • Grounding System Testing • Protective Relay Calibration • Cable Testing • Battery Testing • Transformer Oil Testing/Analysis/Processing • Doble Insulation Power Testing Switchgear & Motor Control Maintenance • Hi Pot Testing power monitoring
Types of Testing Services
MHL provides ASTM standardized tests for pure and blended biodiesel fuel products. Learn more about Biodiesel Testing Services.
Oil Storage Tanks
Heating oil storage tank issues - in-depth information on oil tank leaks, buried oil tanks, aboveground oil tanks,oil tank testing, oil tank replacement, oil tank abandonment, products, procedures. UST, underground storage tanks, buried oil tanks above ground oil tanks tank testing soil tests for oil tank leakage tank leaks oil storage tank leaking at residential properties, legal, environmental and technical information on heating oil storage, fuel oil,LP gas, septic tanks is provided.
Industrial & Scientific Spares
Oil, Petroleum & Paint Testing Equipments - We are supplier of oil, petroleum & paint testing equipments like oil, petroleum & paint testing equipment since 1997 across East Asia, South East Asia - Industrial & Scientific Spares, New Delhi, Delhi, India, Indiamart We manufacture and export various oil testing instruments and petroleum testing instruments that are of high quality. Our range includes digital bomb calorimeter, redwood viscometer, etc. For determination of heat combustion of organic matter and calorific value and sulfur content of coal, solid, liquid fuels, The bomb has a capacity of 300ml approx. & provided with a high pressure Schroeder valve.
Kittiwake Oil Analysis Product Range
Oil analysis test kits and equipment for Fuels & Lubricants including oil sampling equipment, lubricating oil testing, online sensors and a range of oil test laboratories. The collection and analysis of intelligent data to monitor the condition of critical machinery and ensure proactive rather than reactive maintenance has become a vital element of consistent productivity and key to maximising revenue generation. Regular sampling, testing and analysis of fuel oil, lubricant oil and hydraulic oil enables engineers to accurately measure, monitor and assess the condition and efficacy of machinery over time and make necessary adjustments to maximise operational performance.
Essential Oils Testing. Tested by Gc-Ms for their purity. A number of different components can have the same retention time. Similarly, the mass spectra of many components of essential oils are very similar. Using the multiple comparison approach outlined above helps to avoid misidentification that can occur when only one type of library is used. There are numerous examples of erroneous information within published oil composition data where only one type of library was used.
Scientific International
Manufacturer and Exporter of Oil & Petroleum Testing Instruments, Abel's Flash Point Apparatus, Cleaveland Flash & Flash Point Apparatus, Bomb Calorimeter, Kinematic Viscometer Bath and Distillation Apparatus offered by Scientific International, New Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, India.
Micro-Clean offers compressed gas testing to assure high quality of compressed gas utility systems, such as compressed air, nitrogen, breathing air and other gases.
Oil & gas equipment listed in online database for testing and production of oil and gas wells.
Find Complete Transformer Services & Transformer Maintenance Solution - NDL
NDL is one of the leading company in India expertise in Transformer Oil testing and analysis services.
Divine Internationa
Manufacturers & Distributors of Laminar Air Flow Bench / Table from Delhi, India.
Oil,Lubricant, Test, Analysis
Oil Test, Oil Analysis, Oil Testing, Laboratory Analysis, Test, Industrial, Mobile, Analysis, Used, Oil Testing Laboratory, Oil Analysis Test Laboratory, Used Lubricant Analysis Testing, Franchise, Tribologik Oil Analysis, Industrial and Mobile Testing Analysis Laboratory, Expert System Technology, Montreal, Canada
Manufacturers of Tan-Delta test systems, Oil test systems, Hipot AC/DC testers, and provide Service for Transformer Oil testing, transformer testing
Powerlink provides to clients the expertise developed over 25 years in establishing and operating a leading oil test laboratory for transformer condition assessments. Our cutting edge techniques and equipment, and our focus on customer service, have established a reputation for quick, accurate and cost-effective turnaround of results.
Power Substation Services
Power Substation Services will dispatch a qulified technician to your site to extract the samples. Maintaining substation transformers is not always given the attention it deserves. Transformers will self-destruct over time, and failure to collect oil samples and conduct regular transformer oil testing can allow problems to go undetected. With proper oil maintenance, however, that breakdown could take several years. The oil tests can uncover several potential problems within a transformer. The same sample can contain evidence of soluble contaminants, dielectric contaminants, and acid materials present in the oil. With so much riding on transformer maintenance, it's important to conduct and complete all of the recommended tests. Power Substation Services will dispatch a qulified technician to your site to extract the samples and have them tested to your specifications
Quaker State
Quaker State motor oil. Real. Durable. Oil. When you change your oil, use Quaker State.Stewart-Haas Racing Driver Ryan Newman Scored A Top-10 Finish In Saturday Night Racing At Richmond. Fellow SHR Teammate Tony Stewart Finished 23rd RICHMOND, VA (May 1, 2010) – Stewart-Haas racing teammates Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman turned in mixed results in Saturday night’s Sprint Cup Series event at Richmond International Raceway.
Ready Migration
Helping you live and work in Australia. Our client is a very well known Oil and Lubricant manufacturer and is seeking a Chemist for a 7 week special project. This is a great opportunity to work in a rapidly growing company. You will be reporting to the Technical Manager and responsible for the analysis of raw material and finished Oil products via physical testing, Flash Point, Density, Viscosity. You will be required to have extensive experience in testing industrial Oils and able to work unsupervised.
Solomon Corporation
Solomon Corporation operates onsite oil testing laboratories at our Solomon, KS; Georgetown, TX; and Decatur, TN facilities. Having a lab onsite provides for quick and efficient turn-around time for sampling, whether you ship your units untested or pull your own samples and send them to us for analysis.
Oil Lab Fuel Analysis Service
Any type of fuel oil or lubricant can be analysed and tested from every conceivable application including cars, motorcycles, boats to companies operating HGV fleets, construction plant, marine, aircraft and railway equipment as well as food and drink producers and manufacturing industry.
Olivia is a handy and affordable analyser that give olive mills the power of rapide infrared analysis FOSS announces Olivia™, an affordable and simple-to-use analyser for testing olive paste and pomace that is now released for sale in Spain and Italy. T he instrument ensures fair payment to growers delivering loads of olives to crushing mills and provides valuable information for millers during oil production. It is designed for use either in the laboratory or at milling sites. Measurements for fat and moisture content of olives take one minute and a print out of measurements can be given to growers as documented quality of their olives before they leave the mill. In the oil production process, Olivia gives valuable information about fat and moisture in the olive pomace. This helps millers to control the production more closely and allows them to build consistency around their targets without wasting any valuable oil.
Transformer oil testing: here or there?
Transformers - Transformer oil testing: here or there?Most engineers would agree breakdown testing provides the most reliable indicator of the condition of the oil in a power transformer. There is, however, far less agreement about whether the testing should be carried out on site or in the laboratory. Paul Swinerd of Megger looks at the arguments for
EnergyNewsPremium.net - Oil testing new highs OPTIMISM about the strength of the economic recovery and signs of growing energy demand in the world’s largest consumer saw oil rise to a 17-month high last night. OIL prices retreated from Tuesday’s 17-month high as reality returned to the market after another rise in US crude stocks and a surprise gain in jobless claims in the world’s top energy consumer. - more
Utah Biodiesel Supply
Utah Biodiesel Supply - Biodiesel Homebrewing Supplies, Equipment, and Information on making biodiesel. Online retailer of supplies to help you make biodiesel, called homebrew biodiesel. Now you can use the same kit commercial Biodiesel producers use to measure the percent of water in any liquid sample with extreme accuracy. This industrial quality tester allows you to quickly and accurately identify just how much water content is in a sample of any oil feedstock or finished biodiesel sample.
Cheiron Resources LTD
Manufacturers of the OilScreen products -including OilScreenSoil(sudan iv) field testing kits for screening petroleum-based chlorinated solvents (DNAPLs) including TCE, TCA and PCE and a wide range of petroleum-based products (LNAPLs) including autmotive gasolines, jet fuels, fuel oils and mineral oils in soil, sand and gravel
Oil and Petroleum Testing Laboratories
Find laboratories for all your oil and gas testing such as petroleum testing, biodiesel testing, alternative fuels testing, fuels testing, oil research, oil developments, oil studies, energy laboratories, oil laboratories, oil labs, petrochemical testing, petrochemical laboratories, hydrocarbon testing, hydrocarbon research, hydrocarbon laboratories, subsurface sampling, crude oil characterization
Oil analysis
Herguth Laboratories, for over 28 years, has been a leader in testing lubricants, greases, fuels and machine failures. Also suppling Oil Analysis Kits, ASTM testing and Brake Fluid Test Kits and specializing in brake fluid and lubrication failure forensic services and testimony. Herguth Laboratories' expert testing, data and opinions have been used to prepare for cases in Superior Court, Federal Court, Small Claims Court and numerous mediations and arbitrations.
Lombardo Environmental.
Lombardo Environmental is the PREMIER Oil Tank Removal and Underground Storage Tank Abandonment Company in New Jersey. Lombardo Environmental is Your Resource for all your Oil Tank removal. Hundreds of people in North Jersey were scammed by a oil tank removal company that faked tests on underground oil tanks to generate business, state Attorney General Anne Milgram announced Tuesday.
Redesigned in their entirety after a detailed analysis of user requirements, the new range of oil test sets from Megger sets new standards for performance, ease of use, reliability and value for money. The new OTS range includes laboratory instruments for testing up to 100 kV, and portable instruments – including the world’s lightest oil test sets in the 60 kV and 75 to 80 kV ranges.
Oil Analysis Services
Oil Analysis Services - transformer oil analysis, hydraulic oil wear analysis, oil gas analysis, used oil analysis, lubricating oil analysis, DGA, PCB testing, testing, electrical analysis, dissolved gas,laboratories,labs,insulating at oil-analysis.com
Heat transfer fluid properties, thermal characteristics Because lubricant tests are inexpensive to run, lube-oil testing labs are sometimes used for testing thermal oils. The problem with using these labs is that the tests — which include Wear-and-Contamination Metals and Particle Count — measure properties that are important for lubrication and not heat transfer For example, heat-transfer oil pumps do not operate at high pressure and so do not have the close mechanical tolerances that can be affected by the presence of particles (as in machine bearings or lubricating-oil pumps). Nor is there metal wear that requires a metals analysis to prevent equipment downtime. Particles in thermal oil are more a nuisance than a threat — at worst they settle out in the expansion tank.
DailyFX - Crude Oil Testing Resistance After Bullish Inventory Data. Crude oil surged on Thursday amid a bullish inventory data and nagging concerns related to Gulf of Mexico production. Interestingly, prices actually went into the red with less than half an hour before the settle, but then surged in the final minutes, finishing the session up $1.75, or 2.4%.
International Business Times
Intertek Group buys French oil testing company for 6.3 mln pounds -British testing company Intertek Group Plc said it agreed to buy French oil inspection and testing company Expertises Technologies & Services Analyses (ETSA) from Air Liquide for 6.3 million pounds.
Essential Oil Testing
Essential oil testing using gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, specific gravity, optical rotation, refractive index and other methods to determine its authenticity. When it comes to essential oils, purity is everything. And because they are the very heart and lifeblood of all Quinessence aromatherapy products, we move heaven and earth in order to bring you the very best. Part of our quality control procedure is to ensure that every essential oil we purchase has been tested for purity and meets every one of our exacting standards. We make no compromises or exceptions on this matter. Our reputation has been built upon the quality of our essential oils and we remain firmly committed upholding these standards.
Crude Oil Quality Testing
Intertek laboratories provide independent quality testing of crude oil and petroleum for physical and chemical properties. Crude oil quality test data are used to help place a value on crude oil feedstocks during commercial transactions, helping to determine optimal feedstock choices for refineries.
Critical Considerations in Oil Testing
As the popularity of nutritional oils increase, suppliers and manufacturers must be aware of the differences between area percent and weight percent results and label their products accordingly.
Motor Oil Comparison
Motor oil comparison shows some so called high grade oils not performing as well as you'd expect. Amsoil has for decades paid independent labs to performance test their lubricants and those of the competition. Amsoil does not provide any oils for testing. The labs buy all the oils off the store shelves, runs the tests and delivers the results.
Oil Bypass Filtration Evaluation
Department of Energy's Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity tests alternative or modified fueled cars, truck, and other motorized equipment. These reports detail the ongoing fleet evaluation of oil bypass filter technologies by the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) for the U. S. Department of Energy’s FreedomCAR & Vehicle Technologies Program. Eleven full-size, four-cycle diesel-engine buses used to transport INL employees on various routes have been equipped with oil bypass filter systems from PuraDYN Filter Technologies (8 buses) and Refined Global Solutions (3 buses). Six gasoline-equipped INL Tahoes are also equipped with PuraDYN systems. Because of the reported filtering (down to 0.1 microns) capability of bypass filter systems, the technology is intended to extend oil-drain intervals and reduce engine wear. To validate the extended usability of the oil, an oil analysis regime is used to monitor the presence of necessary additives in the oil, to detect undesirable contaminants and engine wear metals, and to evaluate the fitness of the oil for continued service. Extended engine oil use supports the Department of Energy’s goal of energy security. Testing results for the eleven buses and six Tahoes in the evaluation can be found below. The 17 test vehicles have accumulated over 1,000,000 test miles to date.
Oil Bosses Testing Costner’s Gadget
KEVIN COSTNER's dreams of saving the Louisiana coastline from a mass oil spillage have moved a step closer - BP bosses have agreed to test out his water-oil separation device.
SAE Oil Filter Test Procedure
The lube oil filter becomes an integral part of the engine lubrication system and is subjected to variations in operating conditions that are difficult to duplicate. However, with the equipment and procedures set forth in this test code, comparisons with effective filters for “in service” applications can be made with a high degree of confidence. This lubrication oil filter test code is to provide means for evaluating the performance characteristics of full-flow oil filters on bench equipment. This combined with data collected from in-service applications may be used for establishing standards or performance goals for filters tested in this manner.
CVR Products
Oil Pressure Test Kit - CVR Products If so, send us your name, a few good images (minimum 1024 pixels wide) and a brief description of your vehicle and which CVR products you use to webmaster@cvrproducts.com
Drilling & Production
Tethys Petroleum (Tethys) has revealed initial results of testing on the upper zone of the AKD01 oil discovery in Kazakhstan. The upper zone flowed oil at a restricted rate of over 5,400 barrels per day.
Sympatico.ca Finance
Irving Oil Ltd. will start testing gasoline after it is loaded onto delivery trucks, a change made after the company discovered it sold sub-standard gas for more than two years.
In this episode of LIFE ADDICT...   These are the only alternative methods of cleaning the oil spill that have been allowed in the Gulf.   Shot 6-16-10 off the Destin coast.
Organic Chemistry
Oxidation of almond oil creates a range of compounds derived from this oxidation. These include hydroperoxides which are primary products. The oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids results in the formation of a conjugated double bond system along with the formation of hydroperoxides.
The Octane Report
To reveal the true nature of the RAN UP ingredients and its effects on an engine, we teamed up with SR Motorcars of Gardena, California to perform a comparison test on their two-wh To reveal the true nature of the RAN UP ingredients and its effects on an engine, we teamed up with SR Motorcars of Gardena, California to perform a comparison test on their two-wheel drive dynamometer.
2-Stroke Test Kit, used for testing the correct oil fuel mixture The kit tests for the presence of oil in petrol. It is used to prove to a customer that their repair is not under warranty or that they have to pay for repairs under a rental agreement.
Oil Spill Testing
ABC Research is now offering oil dispersant contamination testing of seafood affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill using advanced chemical chromatography.
Airwell Oil & Gas Pty Ltd
Airwell Oil & Gas can assist with establishing a well’s pumping capacity with a 48 hour flow test, using their fully transportable Airwell Pump Testing System.
Ajit Electronics
AJIT ELECTRONICS CO. is reputed and leading company engaged in manufacturing, dealing activities in the field of Electronics / Electrical testing and measuring instruments in India. Let by young technocrats who are qualified, experience have indigenously develop and manufactured high voltage, high current and other electrical / electronics testing instruments like, High voltage breakdown test sets, Transformer oil test sets, Spark tester, Primary current injection sets, Secondary current injection sets, Relay test sets, Capacitance 8& tan delta test sets, Million mega ohm meters, Oil filtration plant, Transformer ratio meter etc.
HV Test Sets
Manufacturing, Dealing Activities In The Field Of Electronics Electrical Testing And Measuring Instruments, H V Test Sets, Oil Test Sets, Microprocessor Based Oil Test Set, Microprocessor Based Oil Test Set Semi Automatic, Current Injection Sets, Portable Relay Test Sets, Transformer Ratio Meters, Mumbai, India
MAC Capital Group - AMEinfo.com
Tethys and partner CCED (Oman) Ltd (operator) have contracted MB Petroleum LLC to provide the MB 49 work over rig to conduct testing operations on Blocks 3 and 4 onshore Oman. The 450 hp rig is...
Oil Filtering & Testing
We offer a complete service for the overhaul of oil filled, dry type and gas filled transformers. A complete rewinding service is offered as an economical alternative to replacement of new equipment. Transformers can also be redesigned to increase kVA ratings and alter voltage ratios.
Slips, trips and falls constitute a large and costly public health problem. Such accidents are the leading cause of deaths from injury for the elderly. Health system costs due to injuries from slips, trips and falls exceed the cost of road injuries. The largest legal settlement so far, of a slip-related incident in Australia, is $2.75 million for a case in which ATTAR were involved as an Expert Witness. Understanding your floor’s slip resistance in accordance with Australian Standards can disclose the risk of your floors to personal injury and possible litigation. In the very least, it demonstrates your contribution to a safe working environment as required by the OH&S Act and can assist to comply with your obligations under the Wrongs Act (Liability of Occupiers).
The AOC Group
The Company was incorporated on 2 May 2005 and listed on the Australian stock exchange on the 11th October 2005. It was established to explore for oil and gas in Australia and overseas. The strategy of our company is to utilize the experience of the board to identify prospective exploration and development opportunities and to enter into joint ventures reducing our financial exposure.
Auto Parts & Tool Shop
TTAT400 is an easy to use kit for accurately testing engine oil pressure, pressure switches and warning indicators on cars, vans and trucks. All adaptors for the various applications have quick fit connectors for attaching to the gauge and hose assembly.
Bacharach • Products • Combustion Analyzers • Combustion Test Kits - Instruments for the testing of oil or gas burners. Bacharach Combustion Testing Kits offer you the most economical means of testing the efficiency of burners during installation or servicing. Each kit is designed to specifically test oil or gas burners with the service technician in mind.
Bell Quality Lab Supplies
Bell Quality Lab Supplies - Solvent for Oil and Grease testing. Introducing, IrSol S-316, - equivalent to Horiba S-316 - solvent for exclusive use with the new ASTM 7066 Infrared O&G test procedure for analysts using Infrared Spectrometer and FTIR measuring extractable hydrocarbons. The EPA-413.2 Oil & Grease and EPA-418.1, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon analysis using infrared spectroscopy are now obsolete. As you may know, those procedures used Freon-113, a chemical solvent now banned by the Montreal Protocol as an ozone reducing substance. The new test procedure developed by ASTM in conjunction with US EPA is ASTM D-7066 specifies S-316 as the preferred replacement. We have in stock the Horiba OCMA and Wilks InfraCal instruments. We are listed on www.Wilksir.com as a recommended solvent vendor of S-316 for this test procedure.
Water and Oil Level Indicators
Water and Oil Level Indicators » Water Testing » Water Testing and Sampling - Ben Meadows, When the Outdoors is Your Office- Your choice for quality, selection and service.
Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial
Testing Oil For Water - Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial
Stanhope Seta
Stanhope Seta design and manufacture laboratory test instruments for quality control, calibration and analysis. These include petroleum test equipment and instruments, flashpoint testers, oil test centrifuges and others.
Gulf Oil Spill & Laboratory Testing
Gulf Oil Spill & Laboratory Testing - 2010 Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling explosion. The explosion of an oil drilling rig 50 miles off the Louisiana coast and the subsequent massive oil leak is expected to have substantial effects on the environment. At the current rate, the spill is expected to surpass the 11 million gallons spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster. Environmental experts involved in the disaster should keep in mind the benefits of using an analytical laboratory staffed with expert chemists and capacity to support large-scale sampling activities.
Oilfield Services
CETCO Oilfield Services offers an array of technologies, products and services for all phases of oilfield production including Produced Water Treatment, Drilling Waste Treatment, Pipeline Services, Well Testing, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Oilfield Rental,rental tools, Nitrogen Services and Coiled Tubing.
Product is the Optimal Omega-3 for Food to Provide Consumers More Healthy Options. CHICAGO (July 18, 2010) – Data show that consumers are not getting adequate amounts of long chain omega-3 fatty acids in their daily diets. Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death globally, and long-chain omega-3s have been scientifically shown to play an important role in supporting heart health. The development of Soymega™, the world’s first SDA (stearidonic acid) soybean oil, is making it easier for food companies to incorporate more omega-3s into a variety of products. At the Institute of Food Technologist (IFT) Annual Meeting and Food Expo today, Solae gave an update on Soymega™.
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
Even if your heating oil tank is unregulated, you probably know that a leak could be very unfortunate - not only for the environment, but for your pocketbook too. While most home heating oil tanks are not regulated by the State - typically they are not over 1,100 in capacity, some delegated counties have regulations that apply to smaller heating oil tanks. If you live in one of the 5 delegated counties, you are encouraged to contact the county agency to determine whether such smaller tanks are regulated. Even if your heating oil tank is unregulated, you probably know that a leak could be very unfortunate - not only for the environment, but for your pocketbook too. When an underground tank or pipe leaks, the cleanup can cost $20,000 or more. And if your homeowner's insurance policy contains a "pollution exclusion" clause, which many do, you could get stuck with the bill.
Oil Aeration
Oil, lubricant aeration measurement on internal combustion engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems. Lubricant aeration can cause severe problems such as cavitation, loss of lubricity, loss of cooling, etc. Delta Services Industriels has recently developed a new tool for monitoring aeration (gas content) in running engines and gearboxes. The device is compact, easy to calibrate, and it is particularly convenient for testing engines, lubricants and additives
Dynalene Labs
Chemical Testing Laboratory Services: Dynalene Labs provides wide range of laboratory testing service including Chemical Testing, Fluid Analysis, Metal Testing, Corrosion Testing, Metallurgical testing and Oil Analysis, Thermal Analysis and many more. Dynalene Laboratory Services is a full service laboratory facility. We provide a wide range of services to the chemical, petroleum, HVACR, process cooling/heating, and other industries nationwide and around the world.
Consumer Reports: The Truth About Fish Oil; Testing Suggests Some Brands Fall a Bit Short. YONKERS, N.Y., Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In lab tests of 15 top-selling brands of fish oil supplements, Consumer Reports found that five fell a bit short on quality. Fish oil supplements have become wildly popular, with consumers taking them to treat a long list of ailments including menstrual cramps, heart disease, asthma, bipolar disorder, high blood pressure, depression, psoriasis, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and pregnancy complications.
ESI Steam Blow Air Blow Chemical Cleaning Lube Oil Flush Hydrostatic Testing. ESI is a global service provider to the oil and gas, energy , petrochemical, and refinery industries.
Combustion Testing
Combusting testing of fuel oil and gas burners
With years of dedicated research and expertise in petroleum testing, our specialty is the development, production and global sales and service of high performance quality control instruments for the testing of petroleum and petrochemical products.
Exova Americas
Exova Americas - your comprehensive resource for testing and analysis. Exova offers considerable expertise to the conventional and non-conventional oil and gas sectors through its geological and reservoir fluids laboratory services. Fully equipped facilities provide core handling and laboratory testing from Exova’s Calgary and Fort McMurray locations. All services are available 24 hours a day. Digital imaging and data management services allow for recovery, capture, reconditioning, digitization, cataloguing and management of geo-technical, exploration and essential production data.
Oil & Gas
Exova is one of the most respected testing services companies in the world, with over 30 years of experience.
Fifth Quadrant
Japanese oils and fats manufacturer Fuji Oil has opened a customer service centre in Bangkok to analyse local market trends. The new centre comes ahead of the planned opening of research centers in Thailand and in China, to develop products for local bakery snacks manufacturers. Construction has also begun on a new margarine plant. The company has previously opened two R&D centres in Singapore and Shanghai. "The two new research centres will help our local clients develop new products through designing ingredient mixes using our products, such as margarine and cream," said a Fuji spokesman.
Filtermist manufactures oil mist collectors and oil mist filters for extraction, removal and elimination of oil mist in industrial applications. With LEV testing we ensure you keep within health & safety regulations maintaining a clean and healthy working environment
Finacne News Network
AED Oil : AED Oil Limited (ASX: AED) Testing Update - Lempuyang-1 AED Oil Limited (AED) is a publicly listed oil and gas, exploration and development company. AED and its related bodies corporate have assets in Australia, Brunei and Indonesia, with offices in Melbourne (Head Office), Brunei Darussalam and Jakarta. AED floated on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in May 2005 and the Company was established for the purpose of acquiring, developing and commercialising specified oil fields and undertaking oil exploration.
Fluid Rx Test Kit
On site automotive fluid test system - FluidRx allows easy annual maintenance and reduced operating cost
Food Manufacturing
Glen CrenoAssociated Press Writer - June 18, 2010PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona's public-health laboratory will be a key player in the federal government's effort to find out whether oil is contaminating seafood in the Gulf of Mexico.T
Food Quality
Notice was given in the April 28, 2010, Federal Register that on October 25, 2010, revised U.S. standards for grades of olive oil and olive-pomace oil will become effective, replacing the first edition of the U.S. grade standards, which have been in force since March 22, 1948. 1 The new U.S. regulations will institute a testing regime comparable...
Global Safe Technologies Australia
Specialising in Non slip floor treatment to help reduce slip falls accidents. We have anti slip treatment solutions for wet, slippery tiles, concrete, around pools, kitchens, bathrooms and other surfaces. Two test persons, wearing standard test shoes, are used to determine the angle of inclination at which safe walking no longer occurs, after the pedestrian surface material being tested has been coated with engine lubricating oil. The test persons, each in turn, facing downhill and with an upright posture, move backwards and forwards over the test surface, as they increase their angle of inclination, until the safe limit of walking is reached. The angles of inclination obtained at such limits are used to assess the friction characteristics of the test surface. The mean acceptance angle obtained is used to assess the degree of slip resistance. Subjective influences on the acceptance angle are limited by means of a calibration procedure.
Mining & Commercial Electric Supply Products Australia
Global Testing Services: Australian Electric Supply Services & Products; HV Switchboard Panel Repairs, Testing & Commissioning, Thermographics, Perth Western Australia (WA).
It was brought to my attention that the oil industry-standard crackle test uses a different method than described below. However, this test involves being able to monitor and consistently maintain a surface temperature of 320 degrees Fahrenheit without any oil in the pan. Since that can be difficult and may require an expensive "temp gun" I will continue to test and adjust the temperatures of my test with different emulsions of oil and water. Therefore, be warned that the test below is a "DRAFT" and may not be a good indicator of water in oil. Now that you have potential sources for vegetable oil you need to gather samples of the oil and test it for quality and water content. Water in veggie oil fuel is one of the biggest problems that greasers that don't follow this lesson have with using waste vegetable oil as fuel. If you attempt to heat waste oil that has high water content before filtering, you could burn the house down if you heat the oil at or near the boiling point of water!
Gulf Oil and Gas
Logging, Perforating, Testing: Oman Oil & Gas news in Middle East, Tethys Oil Conducted Production Test on FS-4 Well
Heritage Environmental Services
Offering testing for biofuels, carbon and sulfur, metals, halogens, heat content, flashpoint and ash/water content.
Non-Destructive Testing
Non-Destructive Testing - NDT Hertel expertly carries out non-destructive materials testing or NDT. This NDT makes it possible to assess the condition of materials without damaging them. - Hertel, Hertel Industrial Services - Australia To be able to carry out reliable testing, a number of factors are involved. A large number of physical limitations, the surface condition, geometry and accessibility of the object to be assessed must be weighed up. This is why only expert and certified testers can carry out NDT. Our testers hold the relevant SKO certificates and are certified in accordance with EN473/SNT-TC 1A level 2.
International Fish Oil Standards - IFOS Ultra-refined Products Category - 5 Star Rating for omega-3 products containing greater than 60% concentration of EPA and DHA per gram of fish oil Natural Grade Products Category - 5 Star Rating for omega-3 products containing levels of EPA and DHA in moderately concentrated amounts such as 18% EPA and 12% DHA per gram of fish oil
Inspectorate International - offering an extensive range of inspection, testing and consultancy services at every major loading, discharge and STS location in the world. With origins dating back over 150 years, Inspectorate has built, and continues to maintain an outstanding reputation for independence and technical excellence within the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
JP Oil Pumps are made using the latest in CNC technology using the best cast iron to improve oil pump life and guarantee quality. All JP Oil Pumps are 100% tested before they leave the factory. Machining the oil pump is the longest and most important process. It is here, on CNC machining centres, that the oil pumps have all the holes drilled, reamed, tapped, countersunk and bored that is required. The oil pumps are held in place hydraulically and torqued to the same load every time to ensure consistency. The use of CNC machinery also can guarantee the same product being produced every time.
Oil and Gas Research Company
Kocurek Industries Hard Rock Division specialize in precision stone cutting for petroleum research in Caldwell, Texas.
Karl Fischer Insulating Oil Test Sets and Testing Equipment
Insulating oil test sets and automatic oil and calibrating meters for the electrical supply industry
Macey's Electrical Pty Ltd located in Sydney, Australia, presents complete technical information and are the authorized representatives for Accles & Shelvoke, Aqua-Tronics, Arbiter Systems, AVO, Clare Instruments, Haefely Test AG, Hipotronics, HV Diagnostics, Megger, Radar Engineers, Spinlab, Tettex Instruments and T & R Test Equipment.
Mac Tools
Oil-light-reset-tool-> Products -> Diagnostics & Testing -> Oil Light Reset Tool
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of Your Home Healing Oil Tank
Ultrasonic Thickness Testing of Your Home Healing Oil Tank, Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management, Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Also, most of the time the corrosion is caused from the inside out. Water, sludge, and sediment caused by fine impurities in the oil can gather along the bottom of your home heating oil tank. And it just sits there, slowly eating away at the steel. (Remember that water is heavier than oil. It will sink to the bottom of the tank.) It is very difficult to tell how corroded the inside of the tank is simply by looking at it from the outside. It is hard for the human eye to determine how sound the steel is that is holding back almost a whole ton of oil. (Yes, your typical 275 gallon home heating oil tank weighs almost one ton when full of oil.) Ultrasonic thickness testing can be used to determine how thick a piece of steel is. Short of replacing your oil tank, ultrasonic thickness testing gives a tank owner a means of determining the thickness of the steel used in a heating oil tank.
Marsap Oil and Gas Testing Equipment
Marsap Oil and Gas Testing Equipment
Metal Surface Testing on MILITEC-1 Synthetic Oil Additive
The Lowest Recorded Stiffness of the MILITEC-1 Treated Metal Surface is 16.8 Times Greater Than The Lowest Recorded Stiffness of The Untreated Metal
Fluid Systems Engineering Centre
MIRA's Fluid Systems Engineering Laboratory provides a comprehensive range of rigs for testing, characterising and developing climate control and powertrain cooling systems, and their components such as radiators, oil coolers, charge-air coolers, fans, blowers, evaporators, pumps, valves, compressors and condensers.
Mobil 1 Put to Test in Las Vegas Taxi Cab Fleet
Testing results on engines running Mobil 1 Extended Performance versus conventional oil in taxi cabs doing business in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Our purpose is to provide a mean of predicting possible failure without dismantling the equipment. A person can "look inside" an engine, transmission or hydraulic systems without taking it apart. A detailed oil analysis sample of an engine, transmission, etc., is a valuable preventive maintenance tool. In many cases it will allow you to identify potential problems before a major repair is necessary. In addition, an oil analysis has the potential to reduce the frequencies of oil changes, and increases the resale value of used equipment.
Shell Testing New Waste Technology For Canada's Oil Sands
NASDAQ News: Shell Testing New Waste Technology For Canada's Oil Sands. CALGARY -(Dow Jones)- Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) said Thursday it began a commercial demonstration of a new technology to reduce the waste pools created by Canada's oil sands mining industry, and that it will make it freely available to competitors.
Non-destructive Testing and technical diagnostics
Non-destructive Testing and technical diagnostics of Oil & Gas Equipment and Tools. The provision of industry with fuel and power raw materials by rising of output of oil and gas is one of the main economical problems of Ukraine. The National Program "Oil & Gas of Ukraine to 2010" and "State Program of development of output of oil and gas in Ukrainian shelf of Azov and Black Seas" stipulate the considerable rise in the amount and rate of erection of oil and gas wells with their optimal cost and ecology safety. The main factor is operating effectiveness of oil and gas equipment and tools, which work under conditions with considerable static and dynamic stress, with great changing of pressure and temperature in aggressive environment.
NMS Labs
NMS Labs - Oil Spill Related Exposure. In response to the known exposure of people and animals to crude oil and chemical dispersants being used in the Gulf of Mexico, NMS Labs has developed a panel of agents to help assess exposure. This panel was developed by NMS Labs toxicologists using their knowledge, experience and after discussion with industrial hygienists and scientists from around the country.
Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.
Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (NDI) is located in the world renowned University of Guelph Research Park. A hub for nutritional research activity, Nutrasource services the Natural Health Products Industry, the Food and Beverage Industry, Academia, Health Care Practitioners and Consumers.
Ohmsett, the National Oil Spill Response Research and Renewable Energy Test Facility, is the only facility where full-scale oil spill response equipment testing, training and research can be conducted in a marine environment with real oil under controlled environmental conditions, including waves, temperature and oil types.
OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.
OFI Testing Equipment, Inc. provides testing instruments and reagents for the drilling fluids, cementing, and wastewater industries.
Oil & Gas Journal
HOUSTON, Sept. 1 -- The Christina Lake in situ oil sands project operated by Cenovus Energy in northeastern Alberta is testing what Baker Hughes Inc. calls the world’s first “ultra-temperature” electrical submersible pumping systems in steam-assisted gravity drainage wells.
OHMSETT is the only facility where full-scale oil spill response equipment testing, research, and training can be conducted in a marine environment
Pilgrim Oil Group
If you are purchasing a home with an in-ground heating oil tank, it's probably a good idea to to have an oil tank test. Frequently, a homeowner who is buying or selling a home is faced with a requirement from a lender or an insurance company to have an underground heating oil tank tested. There are several tests that can be conducted and the need for each varies. Often a combination of tests is appropriate. Tank testing is available in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Massachusetts. To obtain information on the most accurate tank test, fill out the contact information below and a representative from Pilgrim Oil Group will contact you.
Oil States International, Inc.
Well Testing was founded in Monahans, TX in 1968. The company provides the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico (Permian and Delaware Basins) and North Central Texas (Fort Worth Basin) oil and gas producing areas with surface well testing services in accordance with industry standards. Well Testing offers production testing and flowback services and equipment. Additionally, the company builds a line of customized production equipment and gas meter runs to further meet the demands of clients. Well Testing is centered in Midland, TX with operational facilities in Monahans and Cleburne, TX as well as Hobbs, NM. Since inception, Well Testing has strived to set the pace for the industry with better people, better equipment, and better service. No job is too small or large for Well Testing and it is this determination that runs throughout our company to make us one of the most sought after and respected production testing companies in our region.
Oil States International, Inc.
Well Testing was founded in Monahans, TX in 1968. The company provides the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico (Permian and Delaware Basins) and North Central Texas (Fort Worth Basin) oil and gas producing areas with surface well testing services in accordance with industry standards. Well Testing offers production testing and flowback services and equipment. Additionally, the company builds a line of customized production equipment and gas meter runs to further meet the demands of clients. Well Testing is centered in Midland, TX with operational facilities in Monahans and Cleburne, TX as well as Hobbs, NM. Since inception, Well Testing has strived to set the pace for the industry with better people, better equipment, and better service. No job is too small or large for Well Testing and it is this determination that runs throughout our company to make us one of the most sought after and respected production testing companies in our region.
Oiltest Marine Services is committed to offering timely, cost-effective, quality fuel testing and quantity measurement services to meet the needs of our global clients.
OilVoice.com - the web's favourite Oil and Gas site. Dragon Oil plc, an international oil and gas exploration and production company, announces the completion and initial testing of the Dzheitune (Lam) B/148 and 28/149 development wells.
Testing - The Olive Oil Source
Checking olive oil chemical characteristics using standard lab equipment is straightforward but time consuming and messy. Titration burettes must be set up, reagents made and checked for freshness, drops counted and mixing performed consistently. There can be operator-to-operator differences in interpretation of results. Then there is the cleanup: "doing the dishes" afterward. All of this is avoided with CDR test equipment.
PdMA Corporation main page, information about electric motor testing, portable motor test equipment, MCE™, EMAX, MCEmax, MCEGold,technical conference, Webinar Series, Workshop. This insulation case study looks at the process involved in trying to solve a persistent drive failure that in just three years time cost the maintenance budget $180,000. Is it worth three minutes of your time to determine the health of your motors? This company thought so and in the process resolved the drive failures. Click on the image below to learn how the PdMA MCE testing technology located the source of their drive failures.
Performance Oil
Independent Dealer of Superior Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil What do you know about oil in your car's engine? From the ads, you're led to believe the most exotic part of a Ferrari's engine is in the sump, "oils aint oils", "you know what I mean", one brand is the "world's most advanced" and "the best protection you engine can get" for every John, Dick and Barry. The basic concept of oil is to provide a film of lubrication between two surfaces, reducing friction, wear and heat and ensuring an engine's long life span. But the reality is that while all claim to be superior, there are some that are better than others. We decided to test most of the major brands to see how the well-known brands, the ones most of us can readily buy, shape up in a real-life engine test.
Peter Verdone Designs
Choosing an oil filter is very difficult. Typically, nothing other than visual preference and marketing power will tell you which one should be used and which should not. I have seen many pictures of cut away filters used to back up claims as to why one filter is better than another, but these are really meaningless points. A filter that visually seems to be sub-par may in fact out perform another that looks the part. Without testing, we really cannot know which filter is best.
Oil Analysis Testing: Oil Tests, Lubricant Life Extension, Synthetic Motor Oil Tests
Oil analysis testing, oil tests, lubricant life extension, synthetic motor oil tests for transportation, oil and gas, power generation, off-highway and marine.
Pollution Engineering
The EPA on Monday, Aug. 2, 2010, released peer reviewed results from the second phase of its independent toxicity testing on mixtures of eight oil dispersants with Louisiana Sweet Crude Oil. The agency concluded that all but one of the eight similar dispersant technologies tested were at least no more dangerous than oil.
Poten & Partners
LNG, LPG, Crude Oil, Asphalt, Fuel Oil Consultants. Tanker, LNG, LPG, Naphtha Brokers. Interdealer Broker. OTC Energy. Energy Infrastructure Projects. Financial Services.
Petroleum Products Monitoring
Truck/Fleets Utilities Quarries Construction Equipment Bus Fleets Automobiles Pipelines Generators Oil Field Service Airplanes Logging Product Support Service Ships/Boats Locomotives Quality Control Industrial Plants Mining Hydraulic Systems Manufacturing Compressors Pumps
Proactive Investors UK
Proactive Investors UK - GeoPark completes drilling and testing of new oil discovery in Chile. Latin America focused oil and gas company GeoPark (AIM: GPK) announced the successful drilling and testing of a new discovery oil well, on the Guanaco prospect on the company’s wholly-owned Fell Block in Chile. The Guanaco-3 well was drilled to a total depth of 2,752m, and a production test in the Springhill formation, at 2,590m in an 8 metre perforated interval, flowed at approximately 470 barrels per day (bpd) of oil.
Oil & Petroleum Suppliers
Popular Science Apparatus Workshops PSAW India - Oil & Petroleum Manufacturers, Oil & Petroleum India , Oil & Petroleum Suppliers, Oil & Petroleum Exporters, Oil & Petroleum
Plotting BP Oil Spill Testing Data using R
An article about R: The Deepwater Horizon Incident is in the U.S. headlines and on many peoples minds. The folks over at Revolution Analytics were even discussing this subject today. Several government sites including the NOAA have sections dedicated to the problem. In...
US oil spill testing ground for dispersants
More than two weeks after the Deepwater Horizons oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana in the US, efforts are still underway to stop thousands of litres of oil a day spilling out from the well a mile down on the ocean floor. The operation to clear up the spill, and limit its environmental impact, has involved a massive and unprecedented use of oil spill dispersants - blends of surfactants and solvents designed to prevent oil slicks by breaking up the oil.
Harley Factory Qualified, V-Twin authorized Dealership, Cleveland, Brisbane, Australia, dedicated to Harley Davidson products from 1937, we are an extensive online source for New, quality used parts, reconditioned, reproduction and New Old Stock for Big Twin Flathead, Knuckle, Pan, Shovel, Evo, 45 and Servicar. We also do quality restorations, repairs, and custom build complete bikes, and ship worldwide.
Safe Environments
Slip resistance tests within AS/NZS 4586, Slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials comprise 1) wet pendulum slip resistance tests 2) dry floor friction slip resistance tests; 3) wet barefoot slip resistance tests; & 4) oil wet ramp slip resistance tests. AS/NZS 4586 Slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials outlines four test methods to classify and assess the frictional properties of floor surfaces and include the following slip resistance test methods:
Electronic Testing Instruments
Sivananda Electronics - We offer electronic testing instruments, electronic measuring instruments, electronic testing instrument, electronic measuring instrument, insulation resistance tester, oil insulation equipment, transformer ratio meter, cables test equipment, stator test system, security instruments, industrial turnstiles, metal detector, protection system, india
Sunry Petroleum
Sunry offers a complete solution for surface well testing equipments and drill stem test (DST) tools, flowheads, surface safety valves, choke manifolds, test separators, surge tanks, crude oil burners, Cameron style (hydraulic) gate valves, (hydraulic) chokes, check valves, Weco Chiksan products such as plug valves, pup joints, swivel joints, wing unions and fittings. Office container, Wellheads and christmas trees are also available. Sunry's second business sector provides mud pump package and mud pump expendables, API 16A blowout preventers (BOP), rotary hoses, power tongs, manual tongs, elevators, and other equipments or tools related to oil and gas drilling.
SwRI Oil Filter Testing
SwRI Oil Filter Testing. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) characterizes oil, fuel, and hydraulic filter performance and integrity using a computerized fluid filter bench test facility. Testing determines filtering ability according to the various engineering specifications as well as specialized requirements for lubricant oil, hydraulic, and fuel filters of all sizes, including automotive, light- and heavy-duty diesel, and locomotive filters.
Amsoil Independent Dealer
Most people investigating AMSOIL synthetic oils want to see objective comparisons between AMSOIL and other synthetic oils on the market. Even though AMSOIL's testing is all independently verified and is without challenge from any competing oil companies, there are still those who may not trust the numbers - no sense hiding what we both know to be true.
Taggart Automotive Repair
Taggart Automotive is your complete automotive repair and service center, including Missouri State Safety Inspections, GVIP Emissions Testing, Tire Rotation, Quick Oil Changes, and much more. We believe in Quality Repairs at a Fair Price, and we stand behind our work. Visit us for you next automotive repair or service needs.
Teng Tools Australia
Oil Pressure Test Kit TTAT400 is an easy to use kit for accurately testing engine oil pressure, pressure switches and warning indicators on cars, vans and trucks. All adaptors for the various applications have quick fit connectors for attaching to the gauge and hose assembly. A Quick Coupler style 90
Testing Oil Well
A Fully Integrated Horizontal Oil Well Testing Company For the Oil & Gas Industry. You know us as DATAMAXX, for DST and Plug Logging services. We can now offer you Horizontal Well Testing. This is a unique, drill pipe / tubing deployed, wireline controlled, straddle inflate system. We are the first to provide a 'light intervention' evaluation tool for horizontal well bore logging and testing. This is proven technology with unparalleled data quality and reservoir information. You now have the ability to log the horizontal open hole leg, inflate and isolate stages to identify oil/water contacts and select the optimum hole intervals for stimulation, etc.
The Oil Drum
The Oil Drum - Test results from nuclear stimulation of oil and gas reservoirs. Nuclear detonations prohibited exceptions. No nuclear explosive device may be detonated or placed in the ground for the purpose of detonation in this state except in accordance with this article.
Oil Spill Testing Shows Toxic Chemicals
Tides Center is a nonprofit fiscal sponsor to forward-thinking activists and organizations. We tested for toxic chemicals that many experts told us are compounds of much concern when it comes to the environment.
Research & Development Oil Seal Endurance Test
Test stand with 2 x 4 chambers designed to hold a maximum of 16 radial oil seals. This test stand is intended to examine the operational performance of the ROS under the influence of temperature, rotary frequency and of other parameters, also under inclination / pitch of the complete system etc..
Flow equipment testing
Oil Flow Measurement, Gas Flow Measurement and Water Flow Measurement services provided by TUV NEL. Our comprehensive flow equipment test facilities operate with water, gas, oils and combinations of all three fluids. They are used by a wide range of industries. Our facilities are able to test flow equipment in a wide range of operating conditions which they may encounter during service.
Upstream Online
Poland’s Kulczyk Oil Ventures has said that a zone of a new well at its Ologovskoye gas field in Ukraine has test flowed at a rate of 1.187 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. The Ologovskoye 18 well is expected to be tied in for commercial production in the first quarter of next year, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. The well is operated by KUB Gas, a partially owned subsidiary of which Kulczyk holds a 70% interest acquired in June 2010.
U.S. Tank Tech:Underground fuel oil tank testing
The most established testing company specializing in residential underground heating oil tanks. Everyday the underground tank issues and concerns in our communities continue to grow. This increase has resulted in an extremely high demand for underground oil tank testing, both residentially and commercially. Home heating oil tanks present a myriad of questions and concerns in the real estate market today. U.S. Tank Tech can offer the experience and expertise to answer these questions. For answers to some common questions, check out our F.A.Q.'s page.
Analytical Testing Services, Inc
WE ARE THE ONE STOP TESTING LABORATORY We specialize in Petroleum Testing this includes Automotive, Gasoline/Diesel Engine lubricants Gear Oils, Hydraulics, Waxes, Biodiesel and more...
Testing Technologies for Oil / Gas / Line Pipe Industries
Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced testing and inspection equipment for Oil, Gas and Line Pipe Manufacturing industries, such as DWTT Drop Weight Tear Testers, Universal Testing Machines, force testers, hardness testers, inspection equipment, borescopes, digital portable microscopes, flaw detectors, ultrasonic thickness gauges and much more
EPA Releases Second Phase of Toxicity Testing Data
Results confirm dispersant used in response to oil spill, when mixed with oil, is generally no more or less toxic than mixtures with other available alternatives
The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is evaluating oil bypass filter technology for the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program. Eight PuraDYN Filter Technologies and three Refined Global Solutions oil bypass filter systems are being tested on INL buses. The 11 buses are all equipped with four-cycle diesel engines:
Young worker dies after pressure testing oil field piping - Hazard Alert - WorkSafeBC. In a welding shop, two workers pressurized two 16-inch "pig traps" (oil field piping) to 2,150 psi. This pressure test verified the welds on the pig traps. Then one of the workers, a young worker, started to disassemble the connection between the piping being tested and the pressure-recording device. However, he did not depressurize the piping pieces first. He used a pipe wrench to remove a test tee from a 1-inch ball valve that isolated the test tee from the piping pieces. The test tee did not unthread from the valve as expected. Instead, the valve itself unthreaded from the pipe nipple connecting the valve to the still-pressurized pig traps. As a result, the valve and the test tee shot upwards, striking the worker and causing serious injuries. He died in hospital after surgery.

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